Mercury Retrograde – April 28th-May 22nd

MercuryWill we even notice Mercury Retrograde after the 6 weeks we’ve been through with everything coming from left of field? I think not! In fact if you’ve done your preparation, this could be a very constructive 3 weeks. So what should you have done? Well you should have already initiated all important communications, finalised plans, got projects moving and contracts signed.

Then, for the duration of Mercury Retrograde, don’t sign any contracts unless you absolutely have to. Otherwise you may find that they might not be all they appear to be and adjustments may be needed.

Double check your travel plans and documents; Go easy on personal communication. Another thing to watch out for being accidents, stress and health issues. The reason for this being, this particular retrograde is in the Sun Sign of Taurus which strongly influences the body. Any undue stress will release through the body at this time. Also, accidents can happen when we are not grounded or focused. Taurus also rules our day to day finances, so watch your spending and your investments.

This all sounds a bit doom and gloom but it’s not at all; it’s just a warning – forewarned is forearmed.

Let’s remind ourselves of the positives of this time. It’s a great time to be re-assessing your health regime; preparing yourself for any medical appointments such as catching up with the dentist! Does your diet need a spring clean, have you joined that gym yet? Or, even just regular walks in the park. Find things that you enjoy doing so that you stay on target. You’ll be happy with the results. Although you need to be careful with money, it’s a great time to do your research into property and investments. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you uncover.

The important thing is that, whatever happens, go with the flow. If it’s out of your control, it’s there to teach you something. Just be the perfect pupil and you will ultimately benefit from the experience.

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