New Moon in Taurus – May 6th 2016


What could be more delightful than a new beginning in Taurus, the solid, practical, brave and determined bull. It’s a day for fun, indulgence and seeking what makes you happy – anything that feeds all the senses. A great day to get back onto your health plan but this time, make it more fun. That’s why you fell off the wagon in the first place, it was too much like hard work. So, it’s a day to take a fresh approach towards your investments, new home, new ways of making money. It’s a day to move mentally beyond your personal glass ceiling and think outside of the box. Anything is possible.

So what’s the BUT? Mercury is still Retrograde (take a look at my Mood of the Month video lower down on my page to get the overall picture). This means that any plans can be disrupted by something left of field – not what you expect or plan for. So, be flexible and don’t stick stubbornly to your original plan. Under a Taurean influence you need to be resilient and tenacious and not rigid. This is the only test.

Accept that and will be a winner – YAY



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