Full Moon In Virgo – 2017

Detail, analysis and logic resting in mystical, emotional and visionary Pisces. Wow, what a combination. Let’s just cut to the chase….

Focus on realistic dreams but there is a window in which you can reach further than you ever thought possible; a true window of opportunity. Don’t edit your dreams. It’s almost as if you have to step outside of yourself so there is no past agenda dampening your hopes. Spring clean your patterns. What needs changing or editing? Start today and enjoy watching the shifts in your life, both great and small.

What have you got to lose but your chains, you’re tried and tested limited beliefs. Who put them into your head and what part of you kept them alive be repeatedly going round the same track? Why? Find the reason and you have the key to change.

Affirmation…. I confidently move in new directions that fulfils my healthy dreams

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