Mood of the Month – April 2017

The month starts with 7 planets retrograde … reflection and introspection. This includes Mercury on the 9th for 3 weeks. Get your emotional and practical house in order before then. Not only planets are realigning, so are politics, relationships, values, attitudes … it’s ongoing so go with the flow and no knee-jerk actions.

Aries is fresh beginnings but wouldn’t be wise to rush headlong in to what you’re starting. The Full Moon in Libra on 11th urges balance and harmony. Don’t try and win the battle and lose the war.

The sun moves into Taurus on the 20th and encourages grounding and practicality. Think tenacious not stubborn.

Lurking in the background is Saturn, the head teacher, in retrograde, and giving no slack. There could be a conservative (small C) backlash. And this will encourage a dramatic wave of radical change. It will be unpredictable but transformative which is why it’s so important not to react when someone tries to press your buttons.

What we need to do is simple but just imagine if we all follow this advice.

Don’t resist external behaviour. It will deplete your energy and bring you down. Focus on your deep values and aims, both personal and global. If you are secure and unwavering the outside panic and negativity and immaturity will not leak in to your soul power.

Stay secure within your skin.

It’s a long unfolding journey so best to just be on it and not try to rush to an unsustainable ‘so-called’ destination. Stick to the script and you will be well rewarded so share your happiness with others which will be infectious, inspiring and truly powerful.

Focus upon and feed what is going right.

For all the things not in your power – FAF (file and forget) until you can make a positive impact!

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