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Susie works with people in multiple ways:

Private Consultation

This hour-long session includes an overall look at your life — past, present, and future. Susie will review your health, relationships, and career, and help you understand how it’s all inter-related. Susie will teach you the framework with which to build on what’s going right and strategies to attain your desired goals. She will help you break negative patterns and guide you to empower yourself to a life of fulfillment.

Group Classes and Workshops

21st Century Guided Meditation
This is a modern drop-in class that includes deep relaxation, autogenics, and Chakra balancing — You will leave refreshed, relaxed, and alert.
Love Your Body, Love Your Life
In this four-week weight management workshop you will explore your relationship with food and can expect to:

  • Change what you eat by finding out why you eat
  • Be in charge of your cravings
  • Break negative eating patterns
  • Gain confidence, control, and self-belief in your body and in your life
  • Learn how to feel good now — Don’t wait until you have the perfect body to live a life of fulfillment

21st Century Presentation Skills

This unique series of 2-hour workshops includes detailed instruction on:


Make a lasting impression with your voice. Develop power, pitch, and tone of voice, and learn projection techniques, resonance, pace, and articulation.


Body language is non-verbal communication and accounts for half of the meaning you convey to the listener. Words only make up 10% of what the listener understands, while the other 40% derives from the tone of voice and inflection. Your body speaks, which is why someone with awkward body language and a monotonous voice will lose the audience’s attention very quickly — regardless of how fancy their presentation may be. This section of the workshop will also cover posture, gesture, and dress.


How to cope with the anxiety that naturally comes with addressing an audience — leaving you calm, confident, and in command.

Tricks of The Trade

Learn various techniques that actors use when speaking to a large group of people, whilst keeping delivery personal and intimate. Learn how to make your speech seem spontaneous and unrehearsed.


How to construct your speech, the use of visual aids or technology, and how to bring together multiple elements to lift the speech off the page and deliver a professional, informative, and dynamic presentation.

English as A Second Language

In a global economy many companies employ key personnel from all over the world — people for whom English is not their first language. It is important for their self-esteem and to fulfill their role within the business that these people can speak English clearly and with confidence. In addition to the skills outlined above, specific modules can be developed to improve the clarity of spoken English by working on the mechanics of a particular accent.

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