Tap Away the Pain with Open Age

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Two dates for the diary this April when I will be giving a talk and demonstration on EFT (Tapping) for the Open Age organisation which supports everyone over 50.

I will be specifically focusing on Pain Management, Flexibility and Anxiety.

Monday 11th at 10.30, Juniper House, W10 5QX

Wednesday 13th at 14.00, Juniper House, W10 5QX


For more details, call Claire or Estee on 020-7266-2776 or 07518-592030

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New Moon in Aries – 7th April 2016

Moon PhasesOn the 7th April, we have both the Sun and a New Moon in Aries – a double whammy.

Aries is the first Fire Sign of the zodiac and the match that ignites the fire. The main piece of advice is to be instinctive, certainly but not impulsive. There is a huge difference.

A day for fresh starts. Try something new or think what do you want to keep doing but with a different approach.

Be brave, stretch yourself. Flirting is high on the agenda as is laughter. If you strike a match and it goes out – just light another one. Happiness in the moment is not to be sniffed at.

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Full Moon in Libra – 23rd March 2016

Buddha Moon CabreraThe Full Moon in Libra is also an eclipse whilst the Sun is in Aries. Quite a bit to absorb here but information is power. Although emotions are high, Libra is urging you to seek inner harmony. If your centre of gravity is based nearer to your physical and emotional self, you may be tested with either physical or emotional overreactions. If you tend to shut down and cut off you will be shaken up because locked emotions lead to ill-health over time. Which are you? Learn to set your soul’s centre in a neutral place and allow yourself to flow in a meaningful and positive way.

Remember the addition of the eclipse means there’s no place to hide and you shouldn’t want to. It’s a moment to trust your inner light, your inner voice, especially where matters of the heart are concerned. So, clear the decks and look forward to new beginnings as you are wiser now.

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New Moon in Pisces – 2016

Moon PhasesToday the both the Sun and the Moon are in Pisces, so if you’re planning a romantic day, this is it. It’s a blank canvas to do whatever your imagination can create. Think outside the box. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

A day for proposals or for taking a relationship onto a deeper level. For those giving love a rain check you too can benefit from this new moon as it’s also about escapism. Watch some old movies, reorganise your old happy photos or dream of the life you want. Why not find an open window through which you can stare at the sky and truly be inspired. For those of you feeling low, this could be the day to turn a corner.

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Mood of the Month – March 2016

MarchThe month opens with Pisces continuing to cast its spell of mystery and illusion over our lives. Dreams, hopes and wishes may be actualised or cracked apart. Listen to the subtle signals going on in your body and you won’t get caught out. Are there gaps in a relationship, personal or professional, things that don’t add up?

Everything shifts on the 20th as the Sun moves into Aries. It’s wake up time and no more drifting. Aries is the match, the spark that ignites everyone and everything. It could reboot a relationship or encourage you to make a fresh start or help to make a breakthrough when you thought all was lost.

I will be talking about both the New and Full Moons at the time of their appearance. With Jupiter, the planet of hope and experience, retrograde all month, we are being encouraged to reflect very carefully over our journey up to now before we move forward into our future.

Patience really is a virtue this month; pushing too hard could cause something to collapse around you. Patience, faith and self-belief will bring success.

We all need to keep an eye on our health, especially our weight, and over indulgence. So, dust down the gym pass and get moving. Cast your mind back to your New Year’s resolutions. By the end of March you should be back on track.

Finally anything, no matter how small, that you can do to help your own environment will bring you some inner peace.

Whoever said; think global, act local was inspired.

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Full Moon in Virgo – 22nd February 2016

Buddha Moon CabreraToday, we have the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, so the clue to this day is the inherent tensions between the characteristics of the two signs.

At its simplest, the Moon represents emotion, and the fullness means big emotion, whilst Virgo is control and detail. You already have a bit of conflict here, however, knowing this can be an asset in your desire to get the right result. Focus on small details and get through your lists and enjoy ticking off each item. Relish the feeling of real achievement. Think of the space you are creating in your mind and heart. You are free now to clear the decks once and for all. Wind up and store away all that is no longer relevant or useful. Lay the ghosts to rest.

In the background the Sun smiles over Pisces, the complete opposite to Virgo. More potential conflict or more clearing of the air and with it, freedom. It depends on how you handle everything. Pisces is full on emotion and fantasy therefore, the Full Moon in Virgo can actually help you construct a plan to make your realistic dreams come true.

Left of field, today could be extra important for people with links to Paris, the Middle East, Turkey or Greece. Seize the moment.

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