New Moon in Aquarius – 8th February 2016

Moon PhasesA powerful day to crack the code. What does this mean to you? Maybe it’s about finally breaking down old, negative habits and thought patterns. It’s human nature to self-sabotage but on this day you may get that eureka moment and find a different way to handle your demons and imps. Set new routes and create new neural pathways in the brain.  This leads to new thinking and positive results. Can you imagine; just by taking one day to really concentrate on what this new moon offers, you really can make a difference to your life and your place within it.

The emphasis is also on friendship and whatever that means to you. Crucially important is that you put yourself on the list of people who are going to be nurtured.

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Full Moon in Leo – January 2016

Buddha Moon CabreraOn the 24th January we have a Full Moon in Leo and it’s also the last day of Mercury retrograde. Be vigilant from the moment you wake up. If you saw my video post for January, I mentioned the fun and passion aspects of this Full Moon, especially as we are now in Aquarius. It’s a great moment for cementing friendships, for original ideas finding a place in the mainstream and for relationships heating up a gear. However, it is also the last day of Mercury Retrograde so PLEASE have fun, expand your creativity, reach for the sky, BUT with one foot on the ground. Mercury is also known to have a last minute tease and you don’t want it undoing all the good work you’ve been doing. Think back to what was going on six months ago. Time for closure and preparing the way for a fresh start.

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Full Moon in Virgo

Buddha Moon CabreraToday, we have the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo so the clue to this day is the inherent tensions between the characteristics of the two signs.

At its simplest, the Moon represents emotion, so its fullness is big emotion but Virgo is control and detail. You already have a bit of conflict here, however, knowing this can be an asset in getting the right result. Focus on small details to get through your many lists, ticking off each item and enjoying it. Feel a real sense of achievement. Think of the space you are creating in your mind and heart. You are free now to clear the decks once and for all. Wind up and park away all that is no longer relevant. Lay the ghosts to rest. In the background the Sun smiles over Pisces, the complete opposite to Virgo. More potential conflict or more clearing the air and freedom. It depends on how you handle everything. Pisces is full on emotion and fantasy therefore, the Full Moon in Virgo can actually help you construct a plan to make your realistic dreams come true.

Left of field, today could be extra important for people with links to Paris, the Middle East, Turkey or Greece. Seize the moment.

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2016 is a 9 Year in Numerology

Fire Number 9 Isolated on Black Background. Computer Design.

Fire Number 9 Isolated on Black Background. Computer Design.

Nine is the ultimate of all the single numbers so this year, focus on making your dreams come true. To do this, you must have a clear plan in your head, a strong desire to see it through, total belief; then it’s just a matter of sowing those seeds and tending them from seedling to fruition. Don’t give in. Be a high achiever. If you develop your compassion and spiritual beliefs and add them into the equation, your talents will be noticed. Show how, although you have innate talents and self-belief, it’s your link to others without need for the spotlight all the time that makes you great, wanted and successful. This also applies to your personal life, to every area of your life, in fact.

Key Positive Words

Gifted, Creative, Leader, Spiritual, Humanitarian, Idealistic

Key Negative Words

Conceited, Self-centred, Fickle, Dissipated, Moody, Impulsive

Key Aims

To focus on your talents and use them

To develop your creativity

To use your high ideals to help others

To expand your spiritual knowledge

To use your lucky streak wisely

Key Dangers

To be jack-of-all-trades and master of none

To waste your natural talents

To block your spiritual nature and intuition

To be careless with money

To see commitment as restrictive


Red, Lavender, Olive, Grey, Yellow


No.9 rules the kidneys and generative organs so vulnerability to illness can be brought on by too much high living, self-indulgence and bad habits. ‘A little of what you fancy …’ should be the motto for a No.9 person. Otherwise, they can swing from total abstinence to total indulgence. Keep your dreams realistic so that disappointment doesn’t lead to comfort eating.

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New Moon in Capricorn – January 2016

Moon PhasesA day of ambition and staying power. If you ever needed an injection of self-belief and self-determination, this is the day to receive it. With the combined energy of both the Sun and the Moon in Capricorn, the most ambitious sign of the zodiac, anything is possible. It’s known as the mountain goat because, no matter how high the mountain is to climb, it gets there in the end. Plan time slots today to sow those seeds of ambition but remember, no limits.
Remember, to sow seeds of health, love, career, finance and self-development. We are not just a brain or a body and our soul wraps it all together. Think about how your short and long-term plans are going to nurture these precious seeds and just like the mountain goat, you’ll get there in the end.
Even though you may need to keep adjusting your route, never give up.

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Full Moon in Cancer – 25th December

Buddha Moon CabreraThis Christmas Day Full Moon is an emotional one. Let’s examine why that’s the case, where to be careful and where to let go. The Sun is in Capricorn, the mountain goat, the one that always gets there in the end; highly ambitious with an enormous sense of duty. There’s an expectation that we should have this ‘perfect family Christmas’ which we presume everyone else is having and for so many, the reality is quite different. Don’t put yourself under any unnecessary pressure.

Ambition is healthy if it’s channelled in the right way. Be ambitious for your own inner peace and all that means to you. Don’t overstretch your finances or your giving. Also, make sure that you put yourself in the line of people you give to and you will sail through this time.

Importantly, don’t let family members press your buttons. Maybe they are not going to change but remember, you are always in charge of your reactions.

The Full Moon on the 25th is actually in Cancer which represents home, family and nostalgia. Different people having with conflicting memories of the same event could be a combustible mix. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn in.

Cancer, the crab, is a very vulnerable creature behind that tough exterior and break its shell and it’s finished. Allow people to warm up in their own time. Treat others with the kindness you would like to receive.

On a positive note, magic can happen. You may get to have that meaningful conversation with someone you’ve always wished for. Hurts can be healed. Even if you don’t get the opportunity for this, you can have the conversation in your own head, then truly let go of the hurt. This allows you to look forward to the New Year with hope and inner wisdom.

Only you can make yourself happy and heal the unseen damage. This Full Moon is helping you to do just that.

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