New Moon in Sagittarius – December 2015

Moon PhasesEvery month there is a New Moon in a particular sign and it’s always when the Sun is also in that sign. So in December the Sun is in Sagittarius and on the 11th, so is the moon. This gives the fresh start associated with a New Moon, so make the most of this fresh impetus.

We’re all affected by the planetary changes but obviously if you have a particular planet or sign, strongly featured in your chart, you will feel it more.

Look out for anything to do with travel, foreign languages and new cultures. Sagittarius represents energy, sport and optimism. Whatever challenges you’ve had lately can now be handled with a more positive, ‘can do’ optimism.

Sagittarius is the warm glow, the winter log fire around which everyone bonds and spirits are lifted. This day, the 11th is for fun, friendship and laughter. It’s a moment to make positive choices and new decisions which may blossom over the winter. This is a day to make a fresh start on managing health issues. Get back into exercise by doing something that you enjoy. In this way, you will stick to it. Look at your diet. Again, don’t be too strict – allow yourself to breath otherwise it won’t last 5 minutes.

It’s an auspicious time to plan a romantic trip away. You get triple stars if it includes sport, and no, ‘that’ doesn’t count as a sport! For singles, you are likely to meet someone through unusual interests, sport and travel. Get out there, shift your energy and have fun.

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Client A – Pigeon Phobia

Client A with PigeonsA is the mother of three with a successful career in the Arts has been plagued all her life with a pigeon phobia. At the age of 7, playing in the countryside with a group of children, she was taunted by two older boys with a bloodied, dead pigeon. She ended up trapped in the corner of the barn with the pigeon on top of her.

She was obsessed by pigeons, constantly scanning the landscape for them. Her life was ruled by avoiding pigeons which made it impossible for her to take her children to the park when they were young. Over the years, she’d tried different therapies with limited success. At least she was now able to discuss the original trauma.

Progress was rapid and after 2 EFT sessions, she was able to walk within a few feet of pigeons (see picture). After 4 sessions, A’s life is transformed. She can sit outside at a city café and can walk through a park. She continues to make great progress.

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Full Moon in Gemini – 25th November 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraThis is going to be so enjoyable if you just trust yourself.

The Sun is in Sagittarius which is Fire so warm and loving, whilst the Full Moon is in Gemini, an Air sign which promotes one-on-one relationships.

Think about the link between fire and air. Fire cannot exist without air and although fires can be destructive, they can also cleanse and clear away blocks for a new order to emerge.

So, what needs to come to a head before you can move on and in which area of your life? A clue might lie in what was happening 6 months ago. Which events from back then are relevant now?

Travel plans are well aspected and contacts with abroad can bring unexpected happiness. Travel can be interpreted in many ways. Let your mind lead the way and travel beyond your comfort zone. Start by calming your body and emptying your mind to travel deep within yourself and seek out your personal treasures, those nuggets of wisdom that can change the course of your life for the better, even if you don’t realise it yet. If a pilot does all the checks thoroughly before flying a plane, he can trust the safety of the flight. Similarly, if you do all your checks e.g. body signals, physically, emotionally, and mentally, you can trust yourself to make that intuitive move.

A good rule of thumb being, if your head and your heart are in tandem, you’re good to go. Stay in the moment and your future will be the best it can be.

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New Moon in Scorpio – 11th November 2015

Moon PhasesThe Sun and the Moon are both in Scorpio on this day. So, this is an opportunity to be at your most passionate. This is the window of opportunity for budding romance. Also, because Scorpio is also about secrecy and concealment, it’s also the opportunity for those of you who want to find the missing link, that hidden personal gem which helps you crack the code and move on in your life.

A New Moon is obviously a new beginning and in this case it’s linked to passion, starting any new enterprise, a new relationship or achieving a spiritual breakthrough.

It’s intense. Don’t be afraid of the drama, just make sure it doesn’t become a trauma. This is the death of the old and a celebration of the new. Embrace this renaissance with gusto; be bold and absolutely trust your intuition and see where it takes you. Trust it, act on it and strengthen it because each time you do this, you gain greater confidence and belief in yourself.

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Full Moon in Taurus – October 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraFullness of emotions in Taurus the Bull. What does a bull do under stress? Charge! Hence the expression; like a bull in a china shop. But before you get too worried, answer this question; given that the bull will only charge for a reason, who put the bull in this challenging position in the first place? My message is this. Turn any physical circumstance to your advantage by melting anger and turning into positive passion. Also, use the energy of the bull to break through long-term barriers once and for all.

Check that you have reached your physical and material goals and where you haven’t. Inject some enthusiasm into doing so in as short a time as possible. If you’ve been over-indulging, it’s time to say, enough is enough.

Do you need to shift your investments? This could be metaphorical. Cooks should experiment, gardeners should harvest their crops, investors should reap their dividends, builders should enjoy the results of their hard labour and lovers should reach their crescendo.

Which one are you? Maybe all of them!

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New Moon in Libra – 13th October 2015

Moon PhasesI wonder how many proposals will happen on this day around the world. Now, before those dyed in the wool singletons switch off, we are not just talking about love. Have you been sitting on an idea and procrastinating for too long? Now is the time to do something about it. What ideas have you got sitting on the back shelves of your brain? This is the moment to get them out, dust them off and stick them under the spotlight. What have you got to lose? Mid-October is a window of opportunity to make peace, whether it’s with a lover, a family member, or whoever. Everything is on your side encouraging you to make peace. Most importantly, if you are carrying guilt, pain or a heavy heart, what good is it doing you, or anyone else for that matter? Make peace with yourself and peace around you will surely follow.

It’s a time to invest. What in, is up to you. Interviews and auditions should go well if you’ve previously done your homework. It’s a good time to invest in property or any business venture, but again, only if you’ve done your homework.

Fundamentally, it’s a moment in time to rebalance your life to reset the clock. Welcome this moment without fear, confident that you are ready for change.

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