Susie Johns is an original, a one-off and it’s that uniqueness which makes her hard to categorise. She has never been one to be pigeon-holed and she brings her many gifts and decades of experience to bear on enabling her clients to become the best version of themselves. That can take the form of a Tarot reading to help resolve an immediate problem, stress busting practice like meditation, confidence building exercises like Voice lessons and some 21st Century Presentation Skills or resolving chronic or long-term issues with EFT Tapping, they all have their part to play. Her profound insight is also enhanced by her expertise in Astrology, Numerology and Graphology. Whatever discipline she happens to employ, you can guarantee that she will also be using her highly developed intuition to tune in to the living, the one person sat opposite her or talking to her via Skype.


Susie originally trained as a teacher at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where she was awarded an AGSM (Associate of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama) completing her training at Trent Park now known as Middlesex University. She was asked back to teach on their BA Performance Arts Course. She then went on to teach English, French, and Drama in Inner London schools, where she quickly became department head.

Susie was also one of the pioneers of Theatre in Education throughout the 1970’s working at The Young Vic, Nottingham Playhouse and the famous Cockpit Theatre.

The practice and study of Meditation started at an early age and she was fortunate to encounter many great exponents of the art and it very quickly became an integral part of her life. Even though she amassed an impressive variety of TV and theatre credits as an actress, her passion for the intuitive, holistic life led her to develop a parallel career as an Intuitive Counsellor and Life Strategist.

Although her services were immediately well received, it wasn’t until she broke her hip in the early 1990s that she was forced to stop acting and reassess her own life. Susie decided to go public with her holistic work and, within a week, was doing a live phone-in on ITV's This Morning with Richard and Judy. As an experienced performer, she adapted quickly to the demands of live television and radio.


Fate, Free Will, and Awareness

Susie empowers people through self-awareness and gets you to believe in your innate power to shape your own life. Susie facilitates the journey to success in all areas of your life.


Susie presented Sixth Sense, her own ground-breaking and high rating network series for ITV; this was followed by Make Yourself at Home for Carlton. She was a regular contributor to GMTV, and has made frequent guest appearances on This Morning, Five’s Company, Style Street, Light Lunch, Magic & Mystery Show and as part of The Russell Grant Show on Sky One; Susie took 4 people through her ‘Detox Your Life’ programme.

On radio, Susie had a regular slot on Talk Radio’s Mike Allen Show. She was also a studio guest for the launch of Viva, the women’s radio station. Susie has done phone-ins for most of the BBC and Independent Local Radio stations.


Susie had a regular column, Susie Johns’ Psychic Helpline that appeared on Mondays in the Self section of the Daily Mail. She also contributed special features, Astrology and Christmas Presents, in November 2002 and on New Year 2003. Previously she has had regular columns in House Beautiful, GMTV Magazine, and Flora Magazine. She has also contributed articles to the Western Mail, Wales on Sunday, Metro.

Susie is also the author of Sixth Sense: The Direct Route to Personal Power published by Hodder Headline.


Living Community Fund Panel - I am currently a member of the Living Community Fund Panel which allocates funds of up to £5,000 to various charities and non-profit making community organisations.

Grosvenor Mayfair Residents’ Association - Co-opted on to the committee with responsibility for overseeing a 3 year programme of refurbishments to roofs, courtyards windows and bathrooms.

The Friends of Mayfair Library - Joint organiser of ‘The Mayfair Treasure Hunt’ which in June of 2015 raised over £14,000 for ‘The Friends’ to continue their work of promoting the library.

The Residents’ Society of Mayfair & St James’s - For 12 years, Susie hosted an annual Eco-Conference, ‘How Green is My City’. Its success was to get Westminster City Council to adopt Living Roofs, Living Walls, Car Pools, Urban Bees, Swift Boxes and more.


Pennyhill Park Hotel – Body Language & Positive Change - It was for all the heads of department including the General Manager and focused on the role of Body Language in conflict resolution.

William & Son – Graphology - Susie analysed the handwriting of the guests at the launch of their flagship store in Mayfair’s Bruton Street.

Virgin Active – 2004 - 2014 - This drop-in modern meditation class is designed to fit in with modern life. It includes Yoga breathing, Autogenics and Chakra balancing. 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 2 hours of deep sleep.

Mayfair Library - Susie continues to conduct fundraising events to support the library e.g. Tarot for 21st Century, Graphology and Numerology.

Liberty – ‘If The Shoe Fits’ - For Liberty/Manolo Blahnik, Susie analysed someone’s personality by the style, colour and type of shoes that they wore.

Anya Hindmarch – ‘It’s in the Bag’ - Analysing people’s personality using the size, shape, colour and contents of their handbag.

The Metropolitan Police – taking the senior officers of the Training Division in a Stress and Relaxation training day.

The Crown Estate & The New West End Company – running my ‘21st Century Presentation Skills’ course with senior executives.

Tesco Workshop with Human Resources Group - “Self Awareness, Empowerment and the management of Stress”

Inglewood Health Hydro, Champneys and Virgin Active (Mayfair) - The Soul Diet. This workshop looks at the underlying psychological and emotional reasons that lead to overeating or excessive dieting. Weight reduction was achieved by Susie using her own unique approach and taking the participants on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Sheffield University - Guest Lecturer on their MSc course, Managing Change

Smithkline Beecham - Workshop with the Human Resources Department focusing on their merger with Glaxo-Wellcome

PA Consulting - Workshop– Doing Healthy Business


Sebastian Pinn, Operations Manager, Pennyhill Park Hotel, Bagshot, Surrey. Just a quick thank you to you and Christopher. I had very good feedback about the session from Wednesday and I am sure there might be need for more in the future.

Mechel Thompson, New York City Entrepreneur - Susie Johns has been seismic as a life coach/strategist in all areas of my life. Having being in many difficult work and personal life situations she has given me a variety of tools to navigate and work towards positive solutions. Her precise and clear coaching is powerful and effective. A modern day life coach and strategist that restored a sense of trust in all areas of my life.

Jane McCloskey, Head of External Supply, BBC Commissioning - Susie Johns is a unique talent. She’ll rock your world just by being herself and encouraging you to be just that too - yourself. Susie uses her innate intuitive ability to open your eyes to true personal potential, open your mind to a new and holistic life view and open your spirit to the healing power of love. She is a dynamic communicator who is both direct and challenging while being effortlessly warm and nurturing. Whether working one to one or with a bigger group Susie makes instant, lasting and powerful connections with people. She has impact. She’s also terrific fun, vibrantly creative and simply unforgettable.

Superintendent Terry, The Metropolitan Police - "Your input was extremely well received and added value to a very enjoyable day. We will treasure your words of wisdom and practical exercises for a long time."

Dessi Greenwood, Liberty of London - Susie Johns has worked on several high profile events within Liberty. She entranced all who met her from customers to the Liberty staff. Her energy is second to none as is her professionalism.

Bevan Roper Co Head of Creative Direction Anya Hindmarch: - We can always rely on Susie to bring great insight, inspiration and a touch of magic to our press events. Her skill and personality always add elements of surprise and fun that our guests continue to talk about long after the event is over.

Roger Bright, CEO, The Crown Estate - Although I do quite a bit of public speaking, there is always room for improvement and I was keen to get some advice from an expert on how to achieve a more natural  and spontaneous delivery. Susie’s approach was exactly what I needed and she really helped me improve in this area.

Ann Wheat, Marketing and Communications Manager, Grosvenor - Susie’s meditation classes were greatly enjoyed by staff at Grosvenor, where she ran weekly one hour sessions. Her great skills enabled us to learn how relax, concentrate on visualisation and return to work feeling calm, energised and refreshed.

Vanessa Wright, Communications Director, Chivas Brothers Pernod Ricard - "Over the years, I have attended many presentation training courses, but presentation/voice training with Susie brought a whole new set of skills and learning. I found it to be an excellent course of tuition during which I learnt a number of key techniques which I have never come across before. I found it an invaluable experience which considerably improved my public speaking and confidence. Susie is a pleasure to work with and quite simply brings something unique".

David Fairhurst, Director Recruitment & Leadership Planning, Smithkline Beecham - I'd like to take the opportunity to more formally thank you for your work in support of my team. The design was excellent, producing and 'Intervention' specifically tailored to the needs of my group and what's more, to the branding of our organisation "Realise Your Potential".

Briefly, the feedback I received has been as follows:-

"It helped me prepare myself for the huge changes we are about to face"

"It's opened my mind to new ways of thinking about the future"

"I feel more empowered to realise my full potential".

"I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised, it was so enjoyable."

"I will certainly think of candidates in a much broader way and will use the tools."

"The techniques given were useful and practical - it will help my organisational resilience."

"It's helped me appreciate the diversity of our group which will help us work even better together as a team."

Clearly you have had a positive and memorable impact on the group, which is the result of your skills and dedication to your work with us.

I very much look forward to working with you again soon.

As I say to my team "TOP JOB!"