Susie Johns & Christopher Barr, experts in voice production, body language and confidence building, have teamed up with Talking Image to offer a 90-Day course that will transform the clarity, fluency and impact of your spoken English.

This 90-Day course is specifically structured for people with busy lives or anyone who wants to simply polish up their spoken English skills to a much higher degree. The aim of this course is not to completely obliterate your accent but to enable you to speak "Crystal Clear" Contemporary British English.

This 90-Day course includes 10 one-hour Skype, FaceTime, WeChat or WhatsApp lessons, together with audio recordings of your practice sessions and our feedback that can be exchanged on a regular basis. So, no matter how busy you are, it is possible to fulfil your aspirations.

Before you commit to this course, we offer a free online consultation so that we can assess the standard of your spoken English, establish the areas you feel you need to improve and to learn where the English language fits into your life. Is it for your career, culture or social life or all of the above?  In this way we can tailor the Course specifically to your needs. You’ll be working hard but also having a lot of fun and we’ll be there to encourage you every step of the way.

For more information, or to book please email

Below, Xiao Fu talks about her Crystal Clear English experience and the difference it’s made to ability to express herself in the English language.