Literally can’t believe how different I feel since our meeting!! So grateful to have met you.....
— Nadine
You’re like an angel always sitting on my shoulder.
— Nicole
There should be more people in the world like you with a magic soul and spirit.
— Jose
You are a guardian angel.
— Jasmine
Sometimes, I’d rather listen to your voice than to music, I find it more inspiring.
— Paloma
Experiencing meditation under Susie’s guidance opened up new realms of discovery, from mental strength, freedom and the power to be in the now. I am eternally grateful for the work does and continues to do.
— Sarah
Your input was extremely well received and added value to a very enjoyable day. We will treasure your words of wisdom and practical exercises for a long time.
— Superintendent Terry, Metropolitan Police
Susie Johns has worked on several high profile events within Liberty. She entranced all who met her from customers to the Liberty staff. Her energy is second to none as is her professionalism
— Dessi Greenwoold, Liberty of London
Although I do quite a bit of public speaking, there is always room for improvement and I was keen to get some advice from an expert on how to achieve a more natural and spontaneous delivery. Susie’s approach was exactly what I needed and she really helped me improve in this area.
— Roger Bright, CEO The Crown Estate
Susie’s meditation classes were greatly enjoyed by staff at Grosvenor, where she ran weekly one hour sessions. Her great skills enabled us to learn how relax, concentrate on visualisation and return to work feeling calm, energised and refreshed.
— Ann Wheat, Grosvenor
Every time I see you, I feel lighter, empowered and ready to take on the world.
— Isabelle