Susie Johns


Susie Johns is an original, a one-off and it’s that uniqueness which makes her hard to categorise. She has never been one to be pigeon-holed and she brings her many gifts and decades of experience to bear on enabling her clients to become the best version of themselves.

Susie is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Counsellor and Life Strategist; Accredited EFT Practitioner, Teacher and Voice Coach. Her classes, workshops, articles, books, and private sessions empower people everywhere through self-awareness. Her goal is to help you gain insight into the bigger picture of your life so that you can face your demons, develop a plan of action, and overcome negative patterns to achieve true fulfillment.

That can take the form of a consultation to help resolve an immediate problem, stress busting practice like meditation, confidence building exercises like Voice lessons and some 21st Century Presentation Skills or resolving chronic or long-term issues with EFT Tapping, they all have their part to play. Her profound insight is also enhanced by her expertise in Astrology, Numerology and Graphology. Whatever discipline she happens to employ, you can guarantee that she will also be using her highly developed intuition to tune in to the living, the person sat opposite her or talking to her via Skype.



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Susie originally trained as a teacher at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, where she was awarded an AGSM (Associate of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama) completing her training at Trent Park now known as Middlesex University. She was asked back to teach on their BA Performance Arts Course. She then went on to teach English, French, and Drama in Inner London schools, where she quickly became department head.

Susie was also one of the pioneers of Theatre in Education throughout the 1970’s working at The Young Vic, Nottingham Playhouse and the famous Cockpit Theatre.

The practice and study of Meditation started at an early age and she was fortunate to encounter many great exponents of the art and it very quickly became an integral part of her life. Even though she amassed an impressive variety of TV and theatre credits as an actress, her passion for the intuitive, holistic life led her to develop a parallel career as an Intuitive Counsellor and Life Strategist.

Although her services were immediately well received, it wasn’t until she broke her hip in the early 1990s that she was forced to stop acting and reassess her own life. Susie decided to go public with her holistic work and, within a week, was doing a live phone-in on ITV's This Morning with Richard and Judy. As an experienced performer, she adapted quickly to the demands of live television and radio.



Fate, Free Will, and Awareness

Susie empowers people through self awareness.

Susie believes in your innate power to shape your own life. As an Intuitive Counsellor, she helps you gain perspective and offers insight into what lies ahead.

Fate and free will are at play as your move through each day. Fate brings opportunities and challenges into life but it’s up to you to choose how to handle things — For example, it’s through your own devices that you make the most of a problem at work or let your soul mate slip away. Every outcome is linked to a choice.

Susie helps you step back and understand your decision-making process — which includes the way you think, your expectations, and beliefs. In this self study, you come to know your negative patterns and face challenges openly and honestly.
This understanding empowers you to take charge of your life by making the right decisions. It’s only then that you can achieve fulfillment.

The Four Elements of Life

Susie’s approach encompasses the four elements to life — Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical. Many people are comfortable or at ease in just one of these elements, while they often unknowingly neglect the others. To function at your highest potential, you must be at peace with all four elements in an integrated way.

Susie helps you understand how you function within each element:


How you perceive and understand things, how your rational mind helps and hinders you, and how your mind creates positive and negative thinking patterns.


Your faith or lack of it, your ability to believe in yourself, your sense of well being, and your intuition.


How you respond emotionally to people and events.


Your health and how you take care of your body, how you relate to the physical world around you, financial security, and your home.

When all four of these elements aren’t functioning as a whole, you can’t function at your highest potential. Susie’s guidance helps you harmonize so you can empower yourself to make positive decisions that will create lasting change — her approach to invoking change integrates all four elements:

Think it (Mental) — Believe it (Spiritual) — Feel it (Emotional) — Do it (Physical)

The process starts with a thought, or your rational, thinking mind. Positive change must start with a positive thought so you must begin by turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. From there you have to believe it—You may tell yourself something positive but it won’t mean anything until you believe it.

Susie uses affirmations to help you affirm the positive until you believe it — so you can then feel it. It's only when you think something, believe it, and feel it that you can do it. And that creates the change you wish to see.

This process of change empowers you to move out of vicious cycles and into virtuous cycles that create a life of fulfillment.


Media Career

Susie presented Sixth Sense, her own ground-breaking and high rating network series for ITV; this was followed by Make Yourself at Home for Carlton. She was a regular contributor to GMTV, and has made frequent guest appearances on This Morning, Five’s Company, Style Street, Light Lunch, Magic & Mystery Show and as part of The Russell Grant Show on Sky One; Susie took 4 people through her ‘Detox Your Life’ programme.

On radio, Susie had a regular slot on Talk Radio’s Mike Allen Show. She was also a studio guest for the launch of Viva, the women’s radio station. Susie has done phone-ins for most of the BBC and Independent Local Radio stations.


Susie had a regular column, Susie Johns’ Psychic Helpline that appeared on Mondays in the Self section of the Daily Mail. She also contributed special features, Astrology and Christmas Presents, in November 2002 and on New Year 2003. Previously she has had regular columns in House Beautiful, GMTV Magazine, and Flora Magazine. She has also contributed articles to the Western Mail, Wales on Sunday, Metro.

Susie is also the author of Sixth Sense: The Direct Route to Personal Power published by Hodder Headline.


Susie works with people in multiple ways:

Private Consultation

This hour-long session includes an overall look at your life — past, present, and future. Susie will review your health, relationships, and career, and help you understand how it’s all inter-related. Susie will teach you the framework with which to build on what’s going right and strategies to attain your desired goals. She will help you break negative patterns and guide you to empower yourself to a life of fulfilment.

Group Classes and Workshops

21st Century Guided Meditation
This is a modern drop-in class that includes deep relaxation, autogenics, and Chakra balancing — You will leave refreshed, relaxed, and alert.

Love Your Body, Love Your Life

In this four-week weight management workshop you will explore your relationship with food and can expect to:

  • Change what you eat by finding out why you eat

  • Be in charge of your cravings

  • Break negative eating patterns

  • Gain confidence, control, and self-belief in your body and in your life

  • Learn how to feel good now — Don’t wait until you have the perfect body to live a life of fulfilment