Saturn's Return

Everyone groans when I mention Saturn's Return as if doom, gloom and much, much worse is going to suddenly descend on them. This return hits us all around the age of 28 to 31 then around 59 where its affect is more subtle. It's only doom and gloom if you ignore it because it doesn't ignore you. It just returns as a mid-life crisis. For example, if you do not face problems in your personal relationship and just become an ostrich, you may think you've cleverly avoided it but how many people do you know in mid-life, who suddenly walk out of a marriage into the arms of a younger model and start a new family, believing they are going to get it right this time with no thought about what they are doing. If you didn't face the problem first time round, there's a good chance you won't learn much this time. In our twenties, everything is a new experience and at 29 we should be reflecting over this decade, deciding what to pack in the suitcase which will take into a new decade and what we have outgrown and are definitely leaving behind.

Here comes the big HOWEVER. Saturn doesn't make things go wrong, it just brings to the surface what is already wrong in your life. It's your chance to prune the tree, to ditch the crap so you are free to dive into your thirties wiser, stronger to face the big challenges that you are now ready for and looking forward to.

It can also be a time when you rise to the top of your career, find the love of your life, win lots of money or become a parent; equally scary because you have a lot to lose. Just remember, Saturn is your friend, like a wise elder, supporting you and helping you make the right decisions. Any problems at this time are not punishments but challenges to be embraced. Embrace Saturn and it will nurture you through this period and believe me, taking this approach will bring you an inspirational decade ahead.

Saturn's Return is different at 59. We are hopefully, wiser and more experienced. This is a time to accept that more time is behind us than ahead. We need to be more selfish. I know this is not an easy word but if you think of it as, ‘true to self’ it makes sense. We don't have the endless energy we had at 29. Who are your real friends? Prune your address book. Spending time with people you do not really connect to is draining. Don't leak your energy. How do you want to spend your time? Time is precious. Don't keep telling yourself what you can't do. Focus on the small changes and soon you will find the big shifts start happening anyway. Be in the moment more and see each minute, let alone each day, as precious.

Love Saturn and it will always be on your side.