Full Moon in Taurus - 6th November

Buddha Moon CabreraLet's start with the positive. Taurus, in direct opposition to Scorpio, can be seen as emotionally grounding all that intensity, bringing sensuality and deep feelings to the surface. One to one relationships can reach new depths of incredible emotion and meaningful understanding. It's almost like you can be transported to a new level of being. This is actually a clue. Just 'be', don't 'do' and add bucketfuls of trust. Have faith in your true inner voice.

Concentrate on all your practical list - don't just look at it or write it out again. Clear out everything from the cupboards, or your desk to the deadwood in your life. Take a hard honest look at your diet, exercise regime, health - especially those areas you tend to neglect, teeth, for example. Indulge constructively in your senses.

Now, here's one from left of field. Buy property, move house, invest. However, this could be symbolic. You might be the 'house' and you may be the one who needs to make a move within yourself and invest in the changes you make.

Be careful that you don't fall into the trap of using Full Moon energy negatively. So don't lock horns with someone. You'll get stuck. don't over react, don't over indulge yourself and don't lose it. Don't give in to temptation. The mood will pass.

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