Mid-month Meditation - November 2014

Bodyscan Put yourself in a calm, comfortable place; close your eyes and look within.

Focus on your breath. Breathe in deeply to your core and exhale slowly releasing your breath through the lungs and the pores. Enjoy watching and feeling this rhythm of the body.

A big problem is that we tend to live in our heads and forget that the head is just a part of who we are. The bodyscan helps us to reconnect with our complete being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and bring us into balance. Start at your feet and with your eyes closed travel calmly up the front of your body and down the back, observing all your aches and pains - stiff joints, numbness, heat, etc. At any point of discomfort, stay a moment and just gently breath into the area and feel the block melt and release.

Do the same scan again, observing your emotional state. Look out for any fear, sadness, anger and joy. Notice the difference between each feeling. Again, where you're feeling blocked, breath in a warm, pink, glowing light into the area and feel your heart and emotions reconnecting healthily.

Now let's focus on the head and mind. In a detached way observe any tension blocks, pain, stiffness in the jaw, etc. Be aware of any mental anxiety or fretting and try and pinpoint exactly where it is. Through your Third Eye breath in a moving, sharp, cool amethyst light. Feel this light filling the billions of cells in your head and neck, zapping your wrong thinking and any tension. Feel every muscle in your face ... relax.

Time to check out your Spirit. This is your trust and faith in yourself and your life. Surround yourself in a beautiful Indigo light the translucent light that we see at the end of the rainbow.

Finally, allow your soul, your mind, your heart and body to merge. Feel all your energy flowing healthily around your body. Say out loud; I am balanced and at one with myself and the universe. Feel the statement resonate through your whole being.

Susie Johns, takes meditation classes at Danceworks, Mayfair on Wednesday lunchtimes. Go to info@susiejohns.com if you would like to attend.



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