Mood of the Month - December 2014

December is the denouement of the year, a time to look back, take stock and develop a clear vision for the year ahead. We are in friendly, energetic and sporting Sagittarius until the 22nd. Use the first three weeks to finalise travel arrangements. You may grab some last minute bargains and encounter surprise Students, don't slacken your studies, especially if there is a  practical element to your course. For all of us with a craving to stimulate our minds, the more unusual the route of study, the more fulfilling it will be the outcome.

When the Sun and Moon both hit Capricorn on the 22nd, the mood is informed by  a strong sense of duty. This is when we need to consider family obligations and community needs but it is essential to strike a balance with our own needs. You should set aside some time during the festivities to indulge your own interests and passions.

The last week of December encourages us to use any free time to 'big up' our plans and dreams for the future. See what practical seeds you can sow before the New Year.

Jupiter, the planet of hope and expansion, turns retrograde until April. While you're enjoying a little festive cheer (it's unrealistic not to), plan your health strategy for 2015 so that you begin the New Year as you mean to go on. Hopefully, you will soon be able to do your belt up a bit tighter but unfortunately, you may also have  tighten your belt metaphorically. Money could be tight so don't overspend this Christmas. Use creativity rather than cash. You don't want to be starting the year worried and comfort eating.

Mid-month could bring amazing technological breakthroughs in science and medicine. It's also a perfect moment to take calculated risks in furthering your career or a budding relationship. Talking of relationships, Uranus causes passion to be volatile, changing at a moments notice from deep, loving intensity to stormy arguments. Keep your centre of gravity and a sense of humour to diffuse all the dramas.

It's becoming more and more clear that we all have a huge global responsibility both collectively and individually. Conflicts between nations and cultures continue but don't feel overwhelmed, remember the quote from the Quakers: Peace will come through the individual actions of people like you and me.

Issues around the banking system remain unresolved so be careful where and how you invest your money. The gap between the haves and the have nots is widening and opinions on just about every topic are becoming increasingly polarised. You are living at this time for a reason. Find your purpose in life, love and career; strap on you parachute and dive in with confidence. Don't wait to be pushed.


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