New Moon in Capricorn on 22nd

Capricorn is known as a serious, responsible, masculine and powerful sign; ambitious, traditional and noble. On the 22nd, both the Sun and the New Moon enter the same sign, Capricorn, on the Winter Solstice. This gives extra power to the moment as it encourages us to look deep into our souls and ask the eternal question: ‘why am I here?’ All round, it’s time to take yourself and your life more seriously and kick start your career, your relationship or your health plan or all three and more. Stop procrastinating and saying Yes but ... You cannot be in control of life but you are in control of your responses. Don't wait for the right moment, just make a move in generally the right direction and each following step will be easier. The spotlight is on all practical matters such as money, property, exercise and body issues. Are you thinking of moving or finding the right financial support? Now is the time to find the best deal. Do you feel it’s the moment to seek promotion, ask for a rise, or increase your daily rate? The emphasis is also on duty and responsibility. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Face the facts, set a plan in motion, then you’re free to indulge yourself and enjoy the rest of the year.

If you've had a challenging year, don't dwell on the pain and disappointments; focus more on patting yourself on the back for not only getting through stuff but how you did it and what you learned about yourself. A bit of praise never goes amiss. How about giving yourself a big hug and the encouragement you freely give to others.

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