IaraIn my last "yearly health check-up" I was told that I am lacking the "power to relax" so Meditation was recommended. And I find it really helpful as stress relief. I find the way you, Susie, give the lessons really effective.

Sarah Whilst I no longer get to come to your Virgin Mayfair classes, I acquired your CD very early on and now my partner and I practice together and have an understanding of meditation that we had never found with other guides. You bring ease, knowledge and reassurance whilst providing the deep benefits of meditation in our daily lives which I can only hope will touch others in a positive way.

"Experiencing meditation under Susie's guidance, opened up new realms of discovery, from mental strength, freedom and the power to be in the now to understanding why all noise is good! In context, at the age of 38 I had lost hope of truly being able to relax and let go until I met Susie, Susie is a Guru, I am eternally grateful for the work that she does and continues to do".

Zachary It inspired a lifelong love of inner stillness. I'm much calmer, more self-aware and reflective than I used to before the classes.

Phil This meditation class sits perfectly in the timetable of my aerobic training, as it gives me the chance to reflect, appraise and capitalise on my week's training.  For the simple 30' investment of my time, the dividend repaid is unquantifiable.  The total, holistic benefit works to ground, restore and inspire me as no other class can do.

Roberta Throughout the time that Susie's has taught Meditation class I have learned not only the basis of the art of meditation but the deep introspective and highly spiritual side of it too. Susie's has made and still makes each class relevant and current to today's people needs but with a helping hand on how to understand and channel our emotional and spiritual side in a positive and productive way. Our brain is a very powerful "machine" which needs a huge amount of maintenance and I find meditation with Susie to be one of this process key points. This, in my point of view, has been and still is an amazing highly rewarding and motivating discovery journey which has helped me and still help me in recognising, understanding and shaping my most deep inner self.

Ben Susie's class was relaxing and took me into a deep state of meditation I've never experienced before. I felt lighter after the meditation and believe I underwent a spiritual cleansing. (I would recommend everyone to take 30 minutes and try her amazing class).

Enzo For a few minutes I felt like I was human again, connected and sane, rather than a rat in a race. Life made sense again, no offence to rats of course!

Theo I have incorporated the two weekly Meditation courses into my regular gym work out as it provides the ideal platform to be physically and mentally balanced, more so than any yoga or pilates workout class, and pre-empt injuries by scanning my body.

The Meditation course sets Virgin Active's course offering even more apart from other Health & Fitness clubs. All of my friends that are not a VA-member start getting jealous when I tell them about the Meditation course.

Alva Meditation is an opportunity to restart your spirit bringing about the: happy, productive, calm and collaborative you that rests within.

Jila As a long standing student of your meditation class (nearly 7 years!), I find your method and technique inspirational and very effective. I have always enjoyed the class and throughout these years benefitted greatly from the practice of meditation.

Odette I have so enjoyed your class it has helped me in many and I have two friends who have joined the club only because of your meditation class.