Client A - Pigeon Phobia

Client A with PigeonsA is the mother of three with a successful career in the Arts has been plagued all her life with a pigeon phobia. At the age of 7, playing in the countryside with a group of children, she was taunted by two older boys with a bloodied, dead pigeon. She ended up trapped in the corner of the barn with the pigeon on top of her. She was obsessed by pigeons, constantly scanning the landscape for them. Her life was ruled by avoiding pigeons which made it impossible for her to take her children to the park when they were young. Over the years, she’d tried different therapies with limited success. At least she was now able to discuss the original trauma.

Progress was rapid and after 2 EFT sessions, she was able to walk within a few feet of pigeons (see picture). After 4 sessions, A’s life is transformed. She can sit outside at a city café and can walk through a park. She continues to make great progress.