Full Moon in Cancer - 25th December

Buddha Moon CabreraThis Christmas Day Full Moon is an emotional one. Let’s examine why that’s the case, where to be careful and where to let go. The Sun is in Capricorn, the mountain goat, the one that always gets there in the end; highly ambitious with an enormous sense of duty. There’s an expectation that we should have this ‘perfect family Christmas’ which we presume everyone else is having and for so many, the reality is quite different. Don’t put yourself under any unnecessary pressure. Ambition is healthy if it’s channelled in the right way. Be ambitious for your own inner peace and all that means to you. Don’t overstretch your finances or your giving. Also, make sure that you put yourself in the line of people you give to and you will sail through this time.

Importantly, don’t let family members press your buttons. Maybe they are not going to change but remember, you are always in charge of your reactions.

The Full Moon on the 25th is actually in Cancer which represents home, family and nostalgia. Different people having with conflicting memories of the same event could be a combustible mix. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn in.

Cancer, the crab, is a very vulnerable creature behind that tough exterior and break its shell and it’s finished. Allow people to warm up in their own time. Treat others with the kindness you would like to receive.

On a positive note, magic can happen. You may get to have that meaningful conversation with someone you’ve always wished for. Hurts can be healed. Even if you don’t get the opportunity for this, you can have the conversation in your own head, then truly let go of the hurt. This allows you to look forward to the New Year with hope and inner wisdom.

Only you can make yourself happy and heal the unseen damage. This Full Moon is helping you to do just that.

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