2016 is a 9 Year in Numerology

Fire Number 9 Isolated on Black Background. Computer Design. Nine is the ultimate of all the single numbers so this year, focus on making your dreams come true. To do this, you must have a clear plan in your head, a strong desire to see it through, total belief; then it’s just a matter of sowing those seeds and tending them from seedling to fruition. Don’t give in. Be a high achiever. If you develop your compassion and spiritual beliefs and add them into the equation, your talents will be noticed. Show how, although you have innate talents and self-belief, it’s your link to others without need for the spotlight all the time that makes you great, wanted and successful. This also applies to your personal life, to every area of your life, in fact.

Key Positive Words

Gifted, Creative, Leader, Spiritual, Humanitarian, Idealistic

Key Negative Words

Conceited, Self-centred, Fickle, Dissipated, Moody, Impulsive

Key Aims

To focus on your talents and use them

To develop your creativity

To use your high ideals to help others

To expand your spiritual knowledge

To use your lucky streak wisely

Key Dangers

To be jack-of-all-trades and master of none

To waste your natural talents

To block your spiritual nature and intuition

To be careless with money

To see commitment as restrictive


Red, Lavender, Olive, Grey, Yellow


No.9 rules the kidneys and generative organs so vulnerability to illness can be brought on by too much high living, self-indulgence and bad habits. ‘A little of what you fancy …’ should be the motto for a No.9 person. Otherwise, they can swing from total abstinence to total indulgence. Keep your dreams realistic so that disappointment doesn’t lead to comfort eating.

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