Full Moon in Aries - September 2018

Let’s digest the challenging aspect to this Full Moon first and end on a high.

As we move through the next few weeks, collectively, difficult times may intensify and polarise; the left against the right, the old against the young, the truthful versus those in denial.

None of us can escape by putting our head in the sand, the world is now too small and we’re all affected. Everyone is feeling that they are right but we are not here to win the battle and lose the war. Challenging though it may be, it’s crucial to rise above short-term gains if it doesn’t help you further down the line. We all need to get in touch with our inner beautiful, soul and find our own personal ways of transcending the pettiness of the human condition. This is a vital step our journey through our life on earth. This is also a message to politicians with their narrow 4 year window to make their mark; do they use it for their personal egrandisement or do they use it for the greater good which is the true message of the Aquarian Age that we’re moving into. It’s for us too, to be fully present in our own group relationships whether it’s family, work or community. Each one of use individually, can collectively make a huge difference.

Personally, work on feeding your own potential; I hear some of you saying, I don’t know what it is; it will be revealed to you in moments of stillness and silence. The first message might reveal where your future doesn’t lie, just like in a garden, it’s important to clear the weeds away first to enable your flowers to flourish and truly blossom. I think you’ll find this easier to do than you might suppose.

Don’t be surprised if fear rears its ugly head. Fear is just a mental scenario that we create to try and protect ourselves but it is based upon a lie, it’s not reality. Embrace the fear and turn it into a positive, constructive and realistic aspiration. Listen to that inner voice. Are you going to stay in that job, that relationship or are you going to jump ship? Stay for the right reasons, or leave wearing a life jacket and with a plan of action. The Full Moon in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the match, the spark, is saying don’t dither if your higher self says GO! Keep adjusting your plan until you get to your next stage. Be flexible but assertive.

This period is most auspicious for those with Aries in their chart and for all it means endings and new beginnings in some are of our life. New romance is highly likely or an ongoing relationships could get a boost if you’re both willing to take the plunge.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Susie Johns1 Comment