Mood of the Month - April 2109

April begins with sparks flying but they don't sustain. Maybe stay under the duvet until lunchtime on the 1st, with it being April Fool's Day! Joking apart, it could be full of bubble and sparkle but you need to add some positive ingredients to keep things fizzing.

Plans could continually shift around on the 5th with the New Moon in Aries. The best thing to do is to be spontaneous and go with the flow; a real test of trust and instinct. During this period, nothing is stable but out of chaos comes creativity and new possibilities. Focus on these new possibilities or new ways of looking at an old problem. You may get to try something that you've never done before. Be in the moment and you may be pleasantly surprised where you end up. We have a Full Moon in Libra on the 19th which urges us to seek balance and harmony in our lives. Unusually, we also had a Full Moon in Libra last month as well. There's a big message here; work hard and constructively at finding inner peace in every area of your life, otherwise there could be long-term repercussions. Seek answers and directions from within and your true self and you won't go wrong. Ignore this advice and everything could unravel. Some people will break-up others will make commitments. Order can only come by facing up to the turmoil. Nobody got anywhere by burying their head in the sand. 

Big changes are afoot but nothing will happen overnight. It's a good time to clear family feuds and to make good alliances at work. Mercury, planet of communication is now direct and asks you to really be honest with yourself and not to be afraid of the answers that come up. Trust them and act on them. 

After the 16th, it's time to clear the decks and have some fun. It could be a challenging month for travel and global communication. It will only be a success if other people's values are respected and true compassion is shown. Some of you may have a lot to catch up on and will need to give yourself a good talking to. If you take notice of your higher self, the results could be immediate and very positive. The month will be a mix of positive driving forces and negative flare-ups but throughout it all a desire from most people to seek peace and resolution. 

Listen to the younger generation's voice getting louder, more confident and determined. They bring a fresh, uninhibited and inspiring approach to long-standing and seemingly intractable problems. Parents and guardians take heed. These children demand answers and opportunities to bring about change, your mission is to facilitate this. 

Remember, this April, nothing is certain but everything is possible.

Susie JohnsComment