Mood of the Month - March 2019

We begin March with the Sun in Pisces, dreamy, mystical and romantic however, Mercury, going retrograde on 5th still until in Pisces until 28th in Aries, will keep us on our toes. Anyone affected by Brexit, watch this space.

We are encouraged to reflect on our own personal journey through life as you may feel a heightened intuition which will give you greater insight into achieving your goals. Venus, in Aquarius for most of the month, encourages new friendships and breakthroughs in personal and global communication. 

Humour and like-mindedness will deepen and strengthen loving relationships. This is saying, don't take yourself too seriously and know when to lighten-up. 

There could be a lot of media coverage on how we as individuals can help nurture the earth back to health. There is no room for thinking , 'I'm alright Jack'. The world is shrinking, so don't be fooled into believing that because a problem might be occurring far away from you, it isn't going to affect you eventually. If you're in a good space, your role is to be an inspiration to others. We all have our part to play, collectively and individually. We can all  contribute to the planet's health eating less meat and exercising more. Think of that power.

There will be problems and breakthroughs. Being sensitive to national customs, cultural and historic differences will promote better international communication. Globally, we have a huge lesson to learn and that is how we use and manage power. This comes to the surface in both globally and in personal relationships. 

The Full Moon, on 21st March in Libra, is trying to rein in extremes and is encouraging us to find a healthy middle ground. Changes will come through self-discovery and there could be a sense of deep healing among nations and in personal relationships. Healing is organic so be aware of how small changes can develop into great wellbeing. Don't focus on what you can't do, put all your energy into what you can achieve. Imagine if we all do this, what amazing changes we can make.

Susie JohnsComment