New Moon in Scorpio – 23rd October

A time for new relationships, moving deeper in an existing relationship or bringing a freshness into a long-term relationship. The New Moon in sexy, intense Scorpio occurs on the same day that the Sun enters Scorpio for a month. You have no excuse. Venus, planet of beauty and harmony hits Scorpio the next day. The stage is set. This is a moment in time to awaken your inner passion and spread love around you. Also, be open to receiving. Don’t be buttoned up. As a G.I. once said to my mother during the war, ‘Gee honey, unhitch your corset and let’s jive’.

We spend so much time analysing how we want our lives to be and the sort of person we want to be with that when the moment arrives, we forget to BE it, to LIVE the dream.

The time is now.

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