Full Moon in Aries 2014

Buddha Moon CabreraThe Full Moon in Aries is saying, ‘dive in’, take a risk, be a pioneer and break new ground. Meanwhile the Sun in – ‘I can’t make my mind up’ – Libra, is saying: I’m not going anywhere and I have the key to your sports car.’ Whenever there’s a Full Moon, the Sun will always be opposing in some way. Don’t see this as a challenge. You can drive into new territory but with a seat belt, an air-bag and maybe not at 100mph. Healthy compromise will get the best results. Avoid looking at it as some authority figure trying to burst your bubble; it’s actually trying to help you succeed. Anyway, all bubble eventually burst of their own accord, so don’t fight it.

The big thing to remember is that we also have Mercury retrograde until the 25th so stay centred and breathe. Your plans to change will be positive and inspirational. The Sun in Libra is saying; plan first and Mercury is saying; look for hidden pitfalls and sudden surprises.

Try not to sign anything until after the 25th. Having said all this, if you stay firmly focused you can sew big, fat, healthy seeds that will sprout and grow over a long period. Creative pursuits are well aspected, as is property. This is a perfect time for research and uncovering any secrets that could help