New Moon in Virgo

The powerful Virgo new moon arrives today. It’s asking us to spiritually enhance every practical plan on our list of things to do. Why is this on my list? Is it necessary and if so how can I make it more meaningful, exciting, rewarding ...? Let your intuitive awareness and creativity melt your frustrations. See them as challenges rather than punishments! Take everything that’s important on your Virgo list as seeds to be planted for the Autumn and each Monday check on those seeds and water them.

You may see you are growing a miracle or two that will give insight into your future.

This relates to relationships too. Ask yourself, what is really important to me in this relationship and what can be fine-tuned right now.

For singles, it’s time for the wish list. As you write it also focus on what you don’t want. This is you weeding through experience.

After all, how do we know what we want until we experience it?

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