Mood of the Month - September 2014

Virgo’s personality runs through most of the month. Organised and with a particular passion for lists and perfection, Virgo’s key phrase is, ‘I Analyse’. What do you need to analyse this month? Write out your super list of actions to be ticked off over the coming months and while you’re striving for perfection, remember, that 9 out of 10 is more than enough. Focus on what’s going right and don’t fester on the 1 out of 10 that’s going wrong. This month, focus on detail; the detail of your finances, relationships (both personal and professional), Health and career.

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 9th could send the Virgo control into meltdown. Pisces is as expansive as Virgo is controlled, so it could be a clash of titans. However, there is a solution. Find the middle ground; reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground.

Mars goes into Sagittarius on the 14th which enhances all projects linked to travel and education. The 24th welcomes the New Moon in Libra, sign of balance and harmony and heralds new beginnings. This aspect feeds the quest for equilibrium initiated on the 9th. So, this month, work on the integration of extremes. You can have it all if you respect the energy of the extremes.