September's New Moon in Libra

At last, the opportunity to restore balance and harmony in our lives as this New Moon occurs just 24 hours after the Sun also moved into Libra; can you believe it, Sun and Moon working in harmony? Embrace this opportunity to correct any misunderstandings that have left a blot on your landscape. Don't let pride stand in the way of reconciliation. You don't want to be carrying any old hurts and resentments into next month when Mercury goes retrograde. New Moon, New Beginnings. How exciting is that? Put energy into beauty, love, inspiration. Be like water and flow where there are openings. Don't beat your head against a brick wall. You can't be in a positive and a negative situation at the same time so put all your energy into positive growth and opportunities. If you can't let go of any anger and resentment, try at least to shift into neutral. Starve the negative and it will fade away.

Our spiritual quest in this lifetime will appear in the spotlight and you will have the ability to see deep into your soul. Trust what is there and act upon it.


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