Mood of the Month - October 2014

No time to waste as we step into October. Harmonious Libra rules until the 22nd, helping to further enhance intimacy, romance and inner peace. However, there is a big BUT. Mercury goes Retrograde on the 4th until the 25th and if you haven't taken my September's advice you have 3 days to follow it through before the tsunami hits.

More of Mercury retrograde on the 4th.

For those of you who are up to date with their journey from last month to this, October could be an exciting and inspirational time. Don't be afraid of stepping beyond your comfort zone in all areas. Challenge yourself to question the status quo and learn to trust your inner self, your true soul advice.

New relationships, intense moments of pleasure, rekindling of an old flame, secrets... All are possible!

Venus craves harmony and the deepening of all good relationships. Scorpios powerful move into the Sun on the 23 adds power, intensity, raw passion and the ability to go beyond your limitations.

Just make sure all this intensity is being directed to the right person or project or you could land yourself in big trouble.

Why is there always a BUT. Use the first few days of the month wisely and you should have no trouble.

The 27th and 28th are full of Scorpio's intense passion and psychic awareness. These are the days to Go for It or have a long cold shower. The choice is yours!

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