Eclipse Full Moon in Aries - September 2015

SupermoonThis is an eclipse Full Moon in Aries. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a Supermoon which occurs when the Moon is at its closest to the Earth, so everything will be magnified. Something’s coming to a head and the energy is feminine so we are talking emotions. You need to be able to step outside yourself, even if it’s only for moments at a time. Let me explain why. Aries is about new beginnings, the spark that sets something alight. However we are talking something coming to a head and if that’s not confusing enough, we still have Mercury Retrograde which I discussed last time. It’s as if we are having the whole gamut of weather conditions all at the same time. Disaster, delusions or delight are all possible. The one certainty being, you will get through this and some of you will rise to new heights – a relationship moving onto a firmer footing, promotion, who knows, maybe even an influx of money.

Focus on the magic of the moment. Focus on drama but avoid trauma and you will be one of the ecstatic ones. The rest of us will also be winners as we are going through a fast track learning curve and will never forget the lessons. Even if your match burns out and nothing ignites just yet, it’s better to give it a go rather remain passive. Otherwise, you will always wonder, what if …

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