Mercury Retrograge - 17th September 2015

MercuryPeople tend to sigh when they hear that Mercury is going retrograde but no matter how much we kick out at the mayhem it can cause, it’s not going away. One of my clients has the best attitude; ‘I love it’ she says, ‘Bring it on!’ To her, all the hidden snags pop to the surface so that the enemy is out in the open. She then knows precisely what she’s dealing with and acts accordingly. It’s also when she is truly inspired from within. This particular Mercury Retrograde, begins on the 17th of September in Virgo. All your best laid plans could collapse like a pack of cards. Try not to plan anything important or dramatic just before or after this date because Mercury, planet of communication is on a gear change and its smooth flow relies on no distractions.

I strongly believe that any disruption during its 3 week reversal, both globally and personally, is not there to give us a hard time, but where things are wrong in life, it’s trying to rebalance the status quo. We may not like it at the time, but afterwards, we understand why it happened and what lessons we needed to learn.

Here, we need to work at flexibility. Are you too buttoned up or is life a little out of control? Study yourself openly and honestly and as we move into Libra on the 23rd, you will be shown how to rebalance your life, if you give yourself space each day to absorb the world around you. Do you want to move house, move jobs or both? Mercury goes direct on the 9th October but don’t plan but do nothing until after the 11th, by which time, everything will have settled down.

I can’t say harmony will be instantly restored in your life because we are the only ones that can make peace within ourselves and thus feel at peace with the outside world, no matter how crazy it can be. I am saying that you can create this positive shift, encouraged by the planetary activity.

Believe …

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