Full Moon in Cancer - 5th January 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraThe Moon represents our emotions and the Full Moon represents the peak of emotions. The also Moon rules Cancer so, in a nutshell, the Full Moon in Cancer on the 5th of January is an all singing and dancing hothouse of intense feelings. There is nothing to fear if you work with this knowledge rather than fly in the face of it. Like any extreme sport, it’s exhilarating if you know how to deal with the risk factor. Luckily, the Sun is in grounded, sensible, noble Capricorn, so the combination could be beautifully electrifying. It’s a great time to show those around you that you care. Never assume. Be romantic and overcome any nostalgic embarrassment. Dig out old photographs and remember your past with a warm heart. Love and kindness is to be celebrated. It’s essential to learn how to receive with grace. If you continue to seem uncomfortable about giving, people will stop doing so.  You may feel highly emotional and not know why. It’s not always about having neat, pat answers, it’s about releasing blocked energy. Let things flow and stay healthy.

It’s a good time for working women to make a move such as seeking promotion or asking for a pay rise. Buying and selling property is equally well aspected, as are antiques, farming and gardening. If you are looking to take a January break, you may well snap up a cheap deal. All holidays linked to water will transport you beyond your dreams.

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