Your Year Ahead - 2015

Aquarius - Have to courage to be truly yourself. Believe your truth even when it appears to be beyond the understanding of others. Colour Tuquoise, Number 17, Keyword – Eureka Pisces - Find your answers to life from within. Just listen and you’ll know what to do. Colour Blue, Number 81, Keyword  Trust

Aries - Always pause a beat before taking action. Be instinctive rather than impulsive. Colour Red, Number 10, Keyword  Think

Taurus - Construct an empire for yourself, don’t dig a tunnel. You have great strength. Colour Rust, Number 4, Keyword  Create

Gemini - Let every communication move you forward. You can make a difference. Colour Yellow, Number 22, Keyword Inspire

Cancer - Nurture yourself as much as you do others. Inspire others by the example of how you live your life. Colour Silver, Number 6, Keyword Remember.

Leo - Allow others to share the spotlight. Remember, there’s plenty of room at the top, it’s the bottom that’s overcrowded. Colour Gold, Number 100, Keyword Heal

Virgo - Success is in the detail. It’s this that makes you stand out from others. Colour Brown, Number 7, Keyword Analyse

Libra - Balance work and play. Put as much energy into absorbing what’s right as what’s not yet working. Colour Pink, Number 26, Keyword Fairness

Scorpio - Face your blocks bravely then let them go. Fear is only as powerful as you allow it to be. Colour Mulberry, Number 21, Keyword Flow

Sagittarius - There are many ways to travel without leaving home. Try all the options. Colour Maroon, Number 44, Keyword Grow

Capricorn - Be flexible of mind and body and you will certainly grow into a leader and someone respected. Climb your mountain at your own pace. Colour Cream, Number 74, Keyword Content

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