Full Moon in Capricorn - 2nd July 2015

Everyone seems to think that the world shuts up shop in the Summer but you would be making a big mistake to be that naïve. When it’s Summer in one part of the world, it’s a different season another. When a VIP is on holiday, he could be somewhere near you. There is no rest from being open to luck and opportunity. The Full Moon in Capricorn on 2nd is saying just that. This is an intense day of career breakthroughs and opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled, not only around you but within you. How are your business and career plans going? Don’t waste this once in a lifetime opportunity, sow the seeds of career growth and creative business development. Be bold. Go for the top and don’t edit your dream.

Personally, it’s a great day to pop the question, to plan for a baby, to move in with someone … do you get my drift? But only if it’s right, in which case don’t procrastinate.

Today is the day to expand from solo to two … or more.