Mood of the Month - July 2015

It’s hot and it’s going to get hotter – as hot as you dare. The first half of the month is warm and loving, nurturing and deep for those in close relationships. There is also an emphasis on healing rifts with siblings, parents – the whole family. You’ll find a window to slip through to reach out to someone you are finding it difficult to communicate with. After 23rd, when we move into from Cancer into Leo, the shit could hit the fan if issues have not been resolved by this date. If, on the other hand, you have cleared the way, turn up the heat and turn into a Latino or Latina!

Creative breakthroughs, for those in the Arts, and for those of you in business, it’s a time to be noticed, to be recognised. Don’t slacken the pace just because it’s Summer. Watch out for petty squabbles and misunderstandings as they could dilute all the joy and anticipation of things to come.

Be careful of excess, for example, having too much to drink then saying something you shouldn’t. You have been warned.

Fun, joy, passion, money, success are all there for the taking this month. You just need to remain the grown up for it to manifest.