Full Moon in Leo - February 3rd 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraHere we are in the cool, clear energy of Aquarius when suddenly the hot, vibrant Full Moon in Leo explodes in on the 3rd. This will certainly heat up a winter day. Think back to six months ago. What was going on emotionally for you? Whatever seeds you were sowing then could now be coming to fruition. It’s a day for fun and laughter and for a good old frollick in the hay – although that might be a little hard to find in the winter months. I suggest you all go off and find a Mediterranean or African restaurant, eat exotic food and tango your way home. It is definitely a day for love and passion. Sadly, there’s always a flip side. Leo is also about bullying aggression and hot-headedness. This is not the day to get things off your chest. It will come out too strong and over the top and you’ll regret it. Chillax in the steam room instead.

Finally, it’s a wonderful moment for all you creative types – be lucky.


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