Second New Moon in Aquarius - Feb 18th 2015

A second New Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday the 18th. How unusual is that? It’s almost giving us a second chance to instigate something, to light a spark, to take a chance. We move straight into Pisces which is all about introspection, reflection and even procrastination. If you don’t do it today, you'll miss the moment and have to wait a month. Remember, Mercury is now direct so you should have clarity on what you’ve been going through. It might be the moment to take a safe risk, to push yourself a little out of your safety zone. You’ll quickly know whether to retreat or take a few more steps forward or even sideways. You then have a month to plan and reflect on how you move further forward.

This volatile phase of Mercury retrograde, then Mercury direct, and not one but two New Moons in Aquarius has been like jumping into a racing car when you’ve only just passed your driving test. What the hell -  the principles are the same so, ask yourself, what have I got to gain?  What have I got to lose? Make a decision and just do it.

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