Full Moon in Scorpio – May 4th

Buddha Moon CabreraThis special Moon occurs around this time every year and is known as the Buddha Full Moon.  It’s deeply spiritual and urges us to open up our soul to life’s questions. It encourages us to dig deep into our psyche and ask all the big questions. Each one of us has a unique, personal journey to make. Bathe in the gentle, pale moonlight and open up your heart and mind as well as your soul. See these energies in your body merging, unifying into a super power. Great answers are often quite simple – that’s why you can easily miss them. Learn to ‘Be’ more, and ‘Do’ less. We tend to try too hard in this fast paced world and demand instant answers. Scorpio is the most psychic sign of the zodiac, so the message today is very much about seeking answers to your life’s journey beyond the five senses. Why don’t you try this exercise for a whole day? Draw a picture of your head, stick the picture inside your wardrobe and ‘feel’ your way through the day. What does my body really want to eat? What colours am I drawn to today? Who do I really feel would be good to contact today and when? Learn to trust your instincts. Life is a whole lot easier when both our head and heart say the same thing. Give it a go, otherwise, if you’re not careful you can sleepwalk through life doing the ‘same old, same old’. You never know, you may like this way of doing things and make it a new, positive habit.

This Full Moon will bring to a head any underlying emotional blocks or problems and once in the open, you will be able to watch them fade.