New Moon in Taurus - May 18th 2015

I seem to be talking a lot about bodies at the moment but Taurus is the most physical sign of the zodiac, completely ruled by the senses. What is the difference between being in the Sun Sign Taurus and the Moon in Taurus? It’s very simple, The Moon is about emotions so for example, if you’ve been trying to stick to a better health regime but failing, today is giving you the chance to get back on track and sustain your vision. This is the key. Look at your emotional attitude to what’s going on or not going on as the case may be. What are your emotional triggers that tip you off course? Isolating them is the key to changing your pattern and thus changing your life. The answers to problems can actually be very simple and maybe that is why we often find it difficult. We are more disposed to struggle than to thrive. It’s definitely a day for sensual satisfaction. What are you craving? Music? Intimacy? Massage or a beautiful meal shared with those you love? OK, I gave a lecture on getting back on track but it’s not the end of the world if you start a day late.

On a sexy note, and why not, this could be the time to move from a platonic relationship into something more intimate. Maybe an ongoing relationship is moving into a deeper phase.