Full Moon in Taurus - October 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraFullness of emotions in Taurus the Bull. What does a bull do under stress? Charge! Hence the expression; like a bull in a china shop. But before you get too worried, answer this question; given that the bull will only charge for a reason, who put the bull in this challenging position in the first place? My message is this. Turn any physical circumstance to your advantage by melting anger and turning into positive passion. Also, use the energy of the bull to break through long-term barriers once and for all. Check that you have reached your physical and material goals and where you haven’t. Inject some enthusiasm into doing so in as short a time as possible. If you’ve been over-indulging, it’s time to say, enough is enough.

Do you need to shift your investments? This could be metaphorical. Cooks should experiment, gardeners should harvest their crops, investors should reap their dividends, builders should enjoy the results of their hard labour and lovers should reach their crescendo.

Which one are you? Maybe all of them!

GeneralSusie JohnsComment