New Moon in Scorpio - 11th November 2015

Moon PhasesThe Sun and the Moon are both in Scorpio on this day. So, this is an opportunity to be at your most passionate. This is the window of opportunity for budding romance. Also, because Scorpio is also about secrecy and concealment, it’s also the opportunity for those of you who want to find the missing link, that hidden personal gem which helps you crack the code and move on in your life. A New Moon is obviously a new beginning and in this case it’s linked to passion, starting any new enterprise, a new relationship or achieving a spiritual breakthrough.

It’s intense. Don’t be afraid of the drama, just make sure it doesn’t become a trauma. This is the death of the old and a celebration of the new. Embrace this renaissance with gusto; be bold and absolutely trust your intuition and see where it takes you. Trust it, act on it and strengthen it because each time you do this, you gain greater confidence and belief in yourself.

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