Mood of the Month – August 2015

It’s fun and laughter but not necessarily all the way because it depends where you’re at; if you’ve managed to deal with all the stuff we talked about in July, it should be plain sailing, however, if there are any outstanding issues, enjoy the fun on offer but wear protective gear at all times, especially when entering emotional situations. Venus is retrograde so don’t be surprised if old loves rear their beautiful or ugly heads. It all depends on how your head was left the last time you met. Old flames or friends pop into our life either to give us a chance to get things right this time or to show us we now have closure and can move on to pastures new.

Treat yourself well and take time to pamper your heart and body. Recharge yourself holistically in preparation for the winter months. All the outer planets are still retrograde, just meaning backwards or inwards. Remember, I discussed this a few months ago. How you are or how you choose any group involvement needs serious consideration. Choose wisely who you want to give to and what you choose to give – and receive, of course.

Above all find the Sun in a warm climate and if you can’t do that, find the sunshine in your heart and soul, then you are living in a warm, energizing and healing place permanently.