Full Moon in Aquarius – 31st July 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraTwo Full Moons in a month but this time the Sun is in fun-loving Leo and the Moon is in eccentric and sociable Aquarius. This is a great opportunity to end the month on a high. OK not all of us are going to Ayia Napa to party but then not all of us would want to. However, we can all let our hair down and have some fun. As a GI once said to my mum in World War II, “Hey sister, ya gonna un-hitch your corsets and jive?” Whatever turns you on … Enjoy being different. If you need a creative solution to an intractable problem, today could deliver that ‘Eureka’ moment. Develop new ideas and whatever you do, don’t edit the dream. It’s a wonderful day for auditions, business meetings and creative recognition.

Life is always challenging but just for today, take a break from anything serious. All that stuff will be waiting for you tomorrow and you can go back to your tribulations refreshed and renewed.

Today is for dancing!