Mood of the Month - June 2015

June is bursting out all over, so why not you? Come out of your shell and spring into action. No more procrastination – just do it! The Full Moon on the 4th will thrust action upon you if you don’t do it yourself, so don’t make excuses for dithering. Take note – we are not talking about superficial lists here. I want you to dig deep and tap into your deepest desires and revisit your longest held aspirations. Warm, gentle June is waiting to melt your heart and release your pain.  This leaves you with hope and energy, ready to attack your wish list with gusto. All questions and all answers can be found within your heart and soul. There is great deal of planetary activity urging us to unlock our innermost thoughts and feelings. Let them free. Why not? You will feel lighter, released and who knows where you’ll be and how you’ll feel by the end of the month.

There are some peaks and troughs to watch out for; the Full Moon on the 4th, Mercury Retrograde until the 11th, the New Moon in Gemini on the 16th, together with Saturn and Pluto retrograde all month. Hidden surprises and sudden changes. Hang to your hat and shout, ‘Bring it on!’