Mercury Retrograde – 19th May 2015

Why, if Mercury only goes retrograde 3 times a year does it feel like it happens much more often? It seems like only 5 minutes ago that I was talking about the last one. Well, here I go again because you can never be over-prepared for its occurrence and it starts in the last few days of Taurus on the 19th May. If you’ve not been following my advice this month, take heed. Taurus is about the body and practicalities. If you’ve been ignoring your list of ‘things to do’ be vigilant or a molehill may turn into a mountain. On a positive note, if you’re up to date with life’s practicalities, you can chill patiently and wait for the results to unfold, 3 weeks down the line.

What’s the positive with Mercury Retrograde? It’s the perfect time to take stock; relationships, health, wealth, whatever comes to mind. It’s the perfect time for deep reflection. A few days after it begins we move into Gemini so the focus is on the mind. Do you need to change or shift your neural pathways? It’s your wrong thinking; your default routes through life – A to B = failure and disappointment. Importantly, you can starve out these tried, tested but ultimately counter-productive routes and find new pathways.

Through life, Mercury Retrograde is trying to help you do this, especially throughout Gemini as this is a thinking, rational sign. Happy thinking.