New Moon in Aquarius - 2015

The New Moon entering Aquarius on the same day as the Sun brings an explosion of change which if you are prepared, can be a wonderful thing. Waning projects and ideas could take on a whole new lease of life. Years of feeling stuck could suddenly disappear. The thing is: are you ready? We tend to plan for failure and seem completely unprepared for success. Allow yourself to feel what it’s like for things to go right. Breathe this feeling deep into your heart and mind, then, act it out. The American expression; ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ is actually just a positive affirmation. Don’t be afraid or nervous of success and fulfilment – tell yourself it’s your turn and your time. Negatively, look out for volatile weather conditions, accidents, technological breakdowns and faulty equipment. On the world stage, there could be breakdowns and breakthroughs in peace negotiations. This also applies on the personal scale. Just be reassured that if there are any sudden disruptions, they are to clear the way for a new order.

Anything linked to invention is well aspected, whether it’s to do with work, love, environment or health. Seize the moment or, even better, create the moment. Try new pursuits and expand your social life. Above all, dare to be different.

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