New Moon in Aries – 18th April

It’s an opportunity to spring clean your relationship, your wardrobe, your fitness regime. Why not do it all? As we know, Aries can be fickle. It’s the spark that needs someone or something to create the flame and give it staying power. Fortunately, both the Sun and Moon move into Taurus shortly afterwards and Taurus has bucketloads of willpower and tenacity. The trick is to make your list really attractive and achievable. In this way, you will succeed. You should be thinking realistic dreams. Some of you savvy folk will be saying: ‘but I’m already doing this!’ You still have homework to do, it’s just that yours is more subtle. Check out your list. What’s been achieved, what needs to be adjusted, what’s no longer relevant? Make your decisions honestly and wisely and life will blossom.

Lastly, let’s not forget romance. Love is more than just in the air, love can come from the most unexpected quarter. Already in a relationship? Your lover may just pleasantly surprise you – unless it’s you who’s doing the surprising.