Full Moon in Libra - April 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraFull moon, full emotions but in a sign that urges balance, calm and harmony. On the surface this seems quite a challenge, a riddle. But actually its message is quite clear. Too often we bottle up emotions then they come bursting out, just like a dam containing water.

It makes its presence felt in the most peaceful, harmonious signs, Libra.

So is it saying, whatever the drama Libra will diffuse the intensity or does it mean a clash of the Titans? Powerful soldiers against peaceful resistant philosophers. You choose the route and the outcome.

Maybe the answer is both routes are right so a mix of the 2 routes will lead to the ideal outcome. Just pull back on extremes. Pull back on aggression and stubbornness but don’t be a pushover. Grace and dignity are paramount but boundaries should be clear. Let the routes merge and find a fresh middle way.

The 4th can bring magic into your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little scary and unknown as long as you are wearing your safety belt. Maybe you will find that you soar over all the problems and when you return to terra firma you’ll find you’ve been transported to a more fulfilling place. What next?  It doesn’t matter. You are ready?