New Moon in Cancer – 16th July 2015

This is a very special day; one for kindness, compassion, forgiveness and emotional healing but don’t forget to include yourself on the list of recipients. Both the Sun and the New Moon are in Cancer, the Crab. Just picture a crab for a moment; it carries its whole life on its back. Crack its shell and it dies because without it, it’s extremely vulnerable. So you too may be aware of that vulnerability, feel over-sensitive, paranoid even. Be reassured, it’s just stuck negative energy, unresolved emotional experiences trying to release. So, let them go, safe in the knowledge they’re better out than in.

This frees you to see the world in a fresh way. Look for the good in people and praise them; smile at a stranger and enjoy the kindness of others. It’s a day for nesting, romance and family healing. Be gentle with others and kind to yourself.

Whichever path you choose, it will develop throughout this month so, choose the right one for you.